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Most Warm Love

Own a long hair is a beautiful dream in my childhood.

I remember very in the childhood, mother sat in front of the mirror combing one's hair in early morning of every day, her dexterous hand crossed the pitch-dark long hair, then arrange at a stretch, arrange the long hair all over the face into two glossy pigtails soon.

Often, father always supervises me to get up and wear the clothes on one side quickly at this time, see her combing one's hair behind mother on one side, is following every gesture of mother in sight, it is gentle to be full of, love meets the eye on every side.

Perhaps, older generation's love is so implicit, dull. Just that tacit understanding and feeling of knowing each other, like deep and remote blue drifting fragrance, in the memory staying after I grow up meaningfully, enjoy endless aftertastes   

Pass by cloud light wind light years, I grow up, leave blow one long hair slowly. But mother's long hair is shortened, has been covered with the black hair.

Spring in the afternoon, I and mother sit under sunshine, long hair and short hair of mother that I wrap float and fly together on the warm air stained with the fragrance of flowers.

I suddenly said to mother: "Mum, you wear the long hair too! " Mother is distracted, say with a smile: "Silly child, my old age, can wear the long hair? " I say conscientiously: "Yes, mum, I remember you wear appearance of long hair in the past, very much goodlooking! " Mother says thinly: "How long ago 's thing is that. " Stand up and leave away after saying mother, the white short hair flying in the wind, is mirrored my eyes like this, have carved into my heart.

Originally, this is most warm love in the world, doing to a woman as happy as mother, meet one and love man that oneself loves deeply too, would like to hold the long hair for him, and he, like every day in think with eyes that appreciate oneself comb one's hair, just like that year behind, father is looking at mother's appearance affectionately  

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