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Anti-flu Care

Autumn, cooler weather, baby prone to colds. To this end, Respiratory experts advise: Due to large temperature difference between day and night, cold indexes, and parents should be an appropriate change of clothing for their children, while taking effective way to prevent colds.

The common cold in two ways: one is the common cold; the other is influenza, its causes, in addition to being cold due to the invasion of the body, but also because of one or several viruses cause - viral respiratory tract mucosa it inflammation, and thus the emergence of various symptoms.

Baby catch a cold, their parents would be very nervous, experts suggest that parents in the daily care can be the proper use of the following methods:

1, cold water wash, hot water, feet or law: Daily morning and evening cultivated surface with the cold bath, hot enough to blister the habit, which helps to enhance the body resistance to diseases, "Yu cold outside the skin" is the reason;

2, sports, fitness Law: autumn and winter season should be a moderate walk outdoors, sports, and for exercise ... ... it would enhance the capacity of the body warm and prevent cold from occurring;

3, drinking ginger tea France: The ginger, brown sugar right amount boils water on behalf of the tea can effectively prevent colds;

4, diet control law: the principle of the fall diet, Chinese medicine that: the role of different flavors, with the five internal organs are closely related, there are five flavors go five internal organs theory. Four Seasons of climate change on human physiological and pathological changes in both have a certain impact, therefore, because of disease, because people from place to place, because when the board is to ensure that science and meals Shi fundamental.

Finally, nutrition experts recommend: the fall dry climate, it can be properly taken Qiumodongchu tremella, sesame, honey, rock sugar, pears and other food products, to Ziyin Runzao. In addition, experts in particular, provides an appropriate infant and young child control a small cold remedies, formulas: a boiled glutinous rice, soup,  7 ginger, boil and cooked right into the dabbler, preventing cold Bao-Ping Kang

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