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The Power of Now! Overcoming Procrastination

Depending on something or someone else rather than taking responsibility. Every time we wait for something to happen before we act, we make it easier formation touristique to put off our goals and dreams to ¡°someday¡±. There may be certain events that are beyond your control, but most times we have control in the midst of circumstances we face. All the pieces of the puzzle don¡¯t have to fall into place before you act now. Not seizing each moment. We all wish we had an extra three hours in a day, but the reality is that it won¡¯t happen. You must learn to treat each moment in your day with much value. It¡¯s amazing how much you can do in a day if you just decide to do little things with the little time we have in between our schedule. You can compose and send a quick SMS while riding up the elevator to that person you¡¯ve been trying to have dinner with for weeks. You can make overdue phone calls to family while you stand in line at the grocery store checkout. Making excuses. Excuses are the mother of failure. We can always find a good reason for something we did not do. For you to overcome procrastination, you must deprive yourself completely of the option of making excuses. This way you train your mind to do what¡¯s necessary to get things done because for you there are no excuses. Now that you know what to do to starve procrastination in your life, you can do the following to help you move ahead. Kinda like losing weight, it¡¯s not just enough to go on a diet, but you also have to work out. Decide to act. Nothing happens because we desire it, but things happen when we decide to act. Make a conscious decision to lose weight, save money, start blogging, spend more time with family, and write that book. Don¡¯t let these things remain as a desire for you to do someday, but make a conscious decision to do it now. Write down the plan. This is also an action step because it forces you to think critically about how you are going to do what you need to do. It takes what needs to be done from an idea to an action item. Take action now! After all Google SEO is said and done you must now act. Get going with the plan. It doesn¡¯t matter how small the move you make is because the little things we do with our time compound over time and move us closer to our goals. Don¡¯t wait till tomorrow or the New Year, rather, start now! Make use of every moment you have to do something that moves you closer to your dreams and your goals. Here¡¯s a challenge that if you take seriously, will move you closer to your dreams and your goals. Make a list of 10 things you¡¯ve been putting off. It could be anything from getting a health check up, calling that friend or family member, going to the dentist, getting the car fixed, replacing a broken door knob, cleaning out the garage, starting that investment account, starting a blog, etc. You will feel more confident and powerful as you begin to take action now. Your PolyU has offered a wide variety of student development programme, covering entrepreneurship development, placement / internship programmes and student exchange Programmes, altogether nurturing tomorrow's leaders. goals and dreams will begin to feel more achievable because you have conquered procrastination in these little areas. ¡°Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So¡­get on your way!¡± Dr. Seuss

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