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hings You Should Eliminate from Your Life

1. Filler words Some people believe that human eyes are the mirror of the soul. Itís a good idea, but I have a bit another point of view. I think that your language PolyU continues to impart the knowledge and skills of our future leaders to serve an evolving world and to spur economic growth. With the structural transformation of the global economy from industrial to service economies, the societyís expectations of future leaders have been remarkably changed and communicative skills reflect and express your outlook. The purity of your language shows that youíre highly intelligent and developed personality. Nowadays, a great number of people cannot imagine their language without useless filler words. If you start listening carefully to what other people say and how they do it, youíll notice dozens of annoying words and sounds, which make people clumsy at expressing their thoughts and emotions. Have you ever tried to eliminate the habit of using filler words in your language? If you respect yourself, you should remove obscene words and fillers. Step by step, you can make your fluent speech rich on meaningful and beautiful words. Just try to reduce the frequency of fillers and then youíll forget about them once and for all. 2. A habit of comparing yourself to others You may not know but this habit is extremely dangerous. If youíre very susceptible and suspicious person by nature, you should rid yourself of this negative habit. When you compare yourself to others, you may either enjoy the feeling of superiority or damage your self-esteem. We all live in a society where people are divided into two groups: poor and rich. It means that their lives are different in many aspects. Nowadays thereíre many irresistible Health Cabin Coupon temptations around us. Iíve noticed that social networks are a significant part of this problem. Every day people add millions of photos in order to demonstrate their success and colorful life. They donít show their failures and constant problems. When youíre surfing the profiles of your friends you can see their smiles, interesting adventures and prosperity. It appears as if youíre the only person on this planet who is sitting in front of the computer and wasting the most HealthCabin shipping productive years of your life. Thatís not true. They may have the same issues and worries too. Instead of analyzing the lives of your friends, youíd better focus on your accomplishments and try to make appropriate efforts to make your dreams come true.

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