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Went to the Top of the Tower

Long did it take Eean to tell me the whole of the story, and when he had told and I had gathered and put together all of it, I said to him, “Not yet has the tower fallen, and ere it comes down one might go to the top and take the Magic Mirror of the Babylonians and put it in the hands of the King.” “The King may be dead,” Eean said, “or else he may be in such a state that he cannot see or hear any more.” We were then sitting under the greatest of the cedar trees, and he was eating pomegranates[Pg 100] from my lap. I looked from out the shade of the cedar tree, and I saw the King of Babylon walking in his gardens. The King was fearful; he looked to the right and to the left as he went on. When he saw a little deer that was standing still he was startled, and he turned back. As he came nigh the cedar tree he saw me standing there before him. I prostrated myself and I said, “O King, fear not for Babylon. The tower has not yet fallen, and the Magic Mirror will yet be placed in your hands.” But the King only said, “Go to the tower and bring back to me the black cock that I tied to a board but did not sacrifice.” Thereupon the King went within the palace. I called upon Eean to come, and we went down the Way of the Lions, and through the Gate of Brass, and out into the city. It was the Hour of the Market, but there were no people in the market place. We went on, Eean and I, and we came before the tower. There we saw a throng such as would have filled many markets, and they were standing round and gazing on the tower.

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