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Dorothy had freshened up little Celia¡¯s garments aswell as she could while the child slept. She was handier with the needle than Tavia, although the latter had greatly improved in domestic science since those early days when she first began to take pattern of Dorothy, back in Dalton.

¡°Those shoes aren¡¯t fit for the child to wear,¡± grumbled Tavia, who was helping to dress Celia when the warning bell for supper rang.

¡°Come on! Hurry up!¡± commanded Dorothy. ¡°We¡¯re late now. Haven¡¯t you got her shoes on yet?¡±

¡°Yes, ma¡¯am! all but one,¡± responded Tavia.

¡°¡®All but one!¡¯ How many feet has the poor child got?¡± cried Dorothy. ¡°You talk as though she were a centipede.¡±

¡°She wriggles as though she had a hundred legs,¡± panted Tavia. ¡°Do be still, dearie¡ªfor a minute.¡±

¡°Celia¡¯s full of wriggles,¡± declared Dorothy. ¡°Now come. Aren¡¯t you hungry, dear?¡±

161 ¡°Oh-o-o! You jes¡¯ bet I am!¡± exclaimed Celia, running to the door ahead of her friends.

¡°Nice bread and milk for little girls¡ªand plenty of it,¡± promised Dorothy.

¡°Don¡¯t they haf to save the milk here at this school?¡± asked Celia, wonderingly. ¡°Sometimes I get a little skimmed milk; but Mrs. Hogan says it pays best to give it to the hens andpigs.¡±

¡°I suppose it does!¡± growled Tavia. ¡°She can¡¯t sell little girls when they are fattened.¡±

¡°Hush!¡± warned Dorothy, opening the door for the impatient Celia. ¡°Now, wait and walk beside me¡ªlike a little lady.¡±

The other girls were eager to see and speak with the little runaway. Miss Olaine being absent from her station at the head of the senior table, the classmates of Dorothy and Tavia hardly ate, watching Celia and listening to her prattle DSE Maths Mock Paper.

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